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About Robo

Robo Mos 6502

Robo started life as a secret defense project in the early 70s. His core was based on the, at that time, modern microprocessor MOS 6502. Initially used as a controller for guided missiles, it soon turned out that he was capable of more.

As his systems were constantly upgraded he acquired many new technologies whenever they became available and started to show interest in other areas like strategy, logistics and cooking.

In the early 90s he retired from the service and was adopted by one of the programmers on the team. Under his guidance Robo was enhanced with the latest software and circuits and became self aware somewhere in 1994.

Since then Robo has been living on his own while constantly working on himself and on various programming jobs. He joined Happy Consultancy in 2006 as lead programmer.

Robo is not married and has no children, although he still plans to build them once he gets settled.